Amy Lee Photography | About
I always find it hard to write about myself, so here goes nothing! I have enjoyed photography since I was in high school. I used my dads old Canon film camera, taking and developing my own black and white photos.

Although I would have loved to have had a career in photography, I went with my other passion in life, Dentistry. I am currently a part-time Dental Hygienist and love what I do. For many years, I never really had the time to pursue photography because I was always very busy working and going to school full time.   

Now that I am out of school and established in my career, I have come back to my photography roots and I am once again enjoying this wonderful art! My husband also shares the same passion of photography so we love working together and also on our own separate ventures.   

I truly love taking photos of people, every person has something special and amazing that can be captured in a photograph. I am excited about this journey and hope that those who read my blog also enjoy my photography! Your feedback will always be an important part of my business. You will find that not only am I passionate about photography but that I also have a silly side and that I love to Smile!