Amy Lee Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amy Lee Photography (Amy Lee Photography) Fri, 11 May 2018 01:35:00 GMT Fri, 11 May 2018 01:35:00 GMT Amy Lee Photography: Blog 80 120 Jordan 1 Year It was a fun morning with this little guy!  He gave us a run for our money, but Mama & I were able to make him smile and capture some sweet memories for his very special 1st Birthday!  I have been photographing this family for a few years now and it means so much to me that they trust me to capture the perfect moments of their lives!  I enjoy watching this little family grow and especially seeing these kiddos grow up!  Happy Birthday Jordan I hope its a fantastic day!



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Joslynn Class of 2017 Joslynn and I had so much fun during this photo session!  It was laid back and we just walked around talked and took photos!  Joslynn is such a smart and beautiful girl, she has so many amazing things that she will achieve in life!  I am so glad that I was able to share this memorable experience with her!  Good Luck Joslynn and I am so proud of you!  Enjoy these beautiful photos!


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Sofia New Born Sofia is such a beautiful baby!  I feel so lucky that I have been able to be apart of this families lives. From maternity photos to these new born photos and many years to come!  Sofia decided to come several weeks early and wasn't actually due until Feb 9th, but decided to make her appearance right after new years!  So tiny and precious she was an absolute joy to photograph!  I hope you enjoy this beautiful baby as much as I do!  ~ Amy

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Christmas Mini Session 2016 To all of my clients I am wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful families and I look forward to watching all of your families grow!  I hope everyone enjoys these mini sessions, they were a lot of fun!  Thanks to mother nature we had to reschedule a few of them but we eventually got them done and they turned out so fun and festive!  Happy Holidays ~ Amy

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Fall Mini Sessions 2016 Since fall is coming to a close, I wanted to share my Fall Mini Sessions!  The weather was perfect and the families did an amazing job!  These families are so adorable and have my heart melting!  I just love my clients!  Enjoy!

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My Boys I have been looking for the perfect spot for my fall mini sessions!  So the boys and I got loaded up in the car and went for a drive.  I figured since we were looking for a good location we might as well have a little impromptu photo session!  So I got the boys dressed up and off we went.  The pictures are adorable and also found a nice location for my mini sessions!  Enjoy these little cuties.....of course I am biased

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Mielcarek Fall 2016 I look forward to photographing this family every year!  Its so fun getting to watch families and see how much they change each year!  I love this job!  Enjoy this adorable family!


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Allie's 1 year session I have had the pleasure of working with this family since the maternity session of their 1st child and now all the way through maternity, newborn and now Allie's 1 year photo session!  We had so much fun with this one and was hoping she would dive into the cake, but she was a lady and just tried a little sample!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


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Baby Jackson Only 2 days after taking his mommy's maternity photos Jackson decided he was ready to brave the world!  Although he was a little early, he did amazing and is such a sweet little guy!  He slept through the entire photo session and was a rockstar!  Hope everyone enjoys this sweet face!


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Burtz Maternity I'm officially obsessed with this Maternity session!  Sara and Monty were absolute perfection and these photos turned out beautiful!  I'm so thankful we were able to capture all of these photos because two days after the session Sara went into labor early and now baby boy is here!  Now we have his newborn session soon and I am so excited to photograph the adorable little guy!


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Bentley Baby #2 I had the pleasure of photographing the first pregnancy and now the second!  Super excited for the Bentley family and the new baby girl that will be here next week! 

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Tyler2016Graduation Congratulations Tyler!  He is graduating tonight from Ponderosa High School!  Hope you and your family have a wonderful day and this is such a special time in your lives!  Enjoy


~ Amy



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Little boy and his guitar A little boy and his guitar!  This kid is incredible, and he loves playing the guitar!  He may only be 2 years old, but he is obsessed and literally will play until his knuckles bleed!  This is another one of my favorite families to photograph.  Watching all these little kiddos growing up just breaks my heart.  I feel so blessed that I get the pleasure of capturing them grow up, but it also makes me sad at how fast it is happening.  From the time that I took their pregnancy announcement photos until Tyler turning 2 years old, it has been truly amazing watching this little cutie grow!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey and I look forward to many more family sessions to come!  Love you guys!



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Young Family 2015 I always say I am going to get caught up on these blog posts......  I guess having two kids, working and daily life can just get in the way sometimes!  I actually wish that I had more time for my photography.  I love taking photos of people and making people smile!  I always say "oh maybe one day"  so I do hope that "one day" comes and I can devote more of my time to photography!  Here is a new family session that I actually took right before the holidays!  The Young family hold a very special place in my heart and I love photographing their family because #1 they make my job easy and #2 they love to have fun!  The photo sessions are so much fun and they are a pleasure to work with!  Love you guys!  Enjoy!



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Allison Green I always feel like blogging and working on photos when its raining outside!  As I drink my tea and look at all of the photos from 2015, I think that it was such an amazing year!  Lots of fun families that I was able to work with!  With that said, I do need to get caught up on my blogs!  To start off the new year I want to show off one of my best friends baby girl Allie.  I showed a sneak peek of her last fall, I wanted to share her session.  She was an angel, always have to pull out my bag of tricks to get the baby to sleep, but once they are asleep its go time!  Mama and baby were amazing and I am in love with this session!  Please enjoy!  <3  Amy



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Everhart Maternity and Ridley New Born I have been wanting to post my own maternity photos for awhile now!  Since I have been getting all caught up on my blogs I finally have the chance to do so!  Taking your own maternity photos can be a challenge but thankfully I have an amazing husband who can help me!  I also have Ridleys new born photos on the slideshow and I can't believe how little he was and now he is 5 months old!  Time really does fly!  Enjoy!



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Green Maternity Baby #2 Since its a gloomy day outside I wanted to post a beautiful maternity session to share with everyone!  I love photographing this family, not only because they are adorable but they are also one of my best friends!  It was a gorgeous day when we took these photos and they turned out just stunning!  Enjoy <3 



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NicholasJames This is a follow up blog from my maternity photo session earlier in the summer.  Let me introduce Nicholas James, who is now 5 months and absolutely adorable!  These are his new born photos and they turned out great.  Once his mom got him to sleep he was perfect!  We just kept taking more and more photos and moving him all around and he did perfect!  Such a sweetie!  Enjoy the photos!




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10 year Anniversary This was such a special photo session.  Not only because these are such wonderful people, but that they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  They wanted to capture some fun family photos and I think we did just that!  This family is so wonderful and absolutely adorable!  This photo session was back in May and I happened to be 37 weeks pregnant at this time!  I moved a little slower then I normally would but I was still able to showcase the love in this family!  I hope everyone enjoys these photos and I hope Beth and Marco enjoy the 10th year of wedded bliss! 





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Olivia Claire As I am approaching my due date, I want to get a few more Blogs posted before I won't have time to do so!  This photo shoot is from a couple of months ago the time flies!  I had posted the maternity/family photos of the Woodwards just shortly after we took them, and then little Olivia Claire was born!  Her photo session was so easy!  Once we got her to sleep she was just a perfect little angel!  I love all of the photos and of course I hope you guys do as well!  I have a couple more blog posts coming, including my very own maternity session!  Enjoy!  XOXO Amy




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